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The C IAA is the voice of the European food and drink producers, first industrial sector, a major employer and exporter in the European Union. The CIAA represents the interests of the European food and drink industry towards European and International Institutions, to contribute to the development of a European and international regulatory and economic framework addressing industry’s competitiveness, food quality and safety, consumer protection and respect for the environment.

The CIAA’s mission is to express the food and drink industry’s position on a large range of topics of interest to all its members. The CIAA is closely following all developments of European policies with respect to food hygiene, food safety, health and foodstuffs, labelling, environment, the Common Agricultural Policy, as well as issues linked to international trade and enlargement.

The CIAA’s permanent secretariat, based in Brussels, is a key mediator as regards European and international institutions and co-ordinates the work of about 450 experts, grouped in committees and working groups around the three following themes:

• food and consumer policy
• trade and competitiveness
• environment

CIAA experts prepare an opinion on the priority dossiers, which, once approved by all members are sent to the politicians involved.

CIAA’s positions are subject to a large consensus within the industry and the food sector on the whole. Thus, the CIAA works in direct co-operation with other organisations in the food and drink sector along with representatives from other links in the food chain.